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Corrosion Protection Systems

Corrosion Protection Systems
Amarjit Singh

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Location: Dubai, UAE
Steet Address: Al Manara Tower-Business Bay, Unit No. 1710 - 17th Floor, P.O. Box - 41599
Posted on: 12 Jan 2016


Covalence heat shrink sleeves provide unbeatable corrosion protection solutions for oil, gas and water transmission pipelines. With technology born of the atomic age, pipeline shrink sleeves are unique in their ability to perform safely and efficeintly. Built-in performance. Reliable installation. Proven track record. That's Quality.

Polyken® pipeline tape coating systems provide state-of-the-art pipeline protection with tape coating products for all climates and environments. For fifty years Polyken Pipeline Tape Coating Systems have protected pipelines against damaging corrosion in some of the most frigid and blistering environments in the world. Find out how to select the right tape coating system for your needs.

Powercrete® Liquid Pipeline Epoxy Coatings are the power behind corrosion prevention. With coatings for rehabilitation, directional drilling, girth weld protection, bends, fittings and odd shapes, offshore applications, patch and repair, potable water and flow efficiency, it's no wonder Powercrete® is the leader in liquid pipeline epoxy coatings in the field.


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