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Laptop Computer Repair Service & Maintenance at Your Door Step

Laptop Computer Repair Service & Maintenance at Your Door Step

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Location: Dubai, UAE
Steet Address: Office No. 301, 3rd Floor, Janayen Holding Limited, Al Qouz 3rd , PO Box 80356,
Posted on: 12 Dec 2015


Guangzhou Repairing of Electrical & Electronic Appliances L.L.C

Office No. 301, 3rd Floor, Janayen Holding Limited, Al Qouz 3rd, Dubai – UAE.
Contact Person : Faisal Khan PO Box. 80356 Cell : +971 55 7536375, [email protected]

We Provide Repair & Maintenance Services (Hardware & Software) of Computer & Laptop at your Door Step by certified professionals.
Maintenance Contract (AMC)
Networking (wireless & Ethernet) Network Design & Infrastructure.
Repair Services
Laptop LCD / LED screen replacement
Laptop keyboard replacement or broken keys repair
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) replacement
Optical Drive replacement (DVD-RW, DVD/CD-RW, Blu-Ray drives)
DC power jack repair or replacement
Dim display repair or LCD back-light replacement
Cooling system service (Cooling fan repair or replacement)
No Power or No Display (Dead Mother Board Repair)
LCD screen hinges and covers (rear / front) replacement
Touch-pad assembly repair or replacement
Operating system recovery or re-installation
Battery won't charge
No display or dim display
No power / Dead motherboard
Loose or broken DC power jack
Lines on screen or broken screen
Graphics problems or frozen screen
Shutting down randomly caused by overheating
Motherboard damaged by spilled water or juice
There is power but no boot, no P.O.S.T. or black screen
Keyboard, Hard Drive and CD/DVD drives repair or replacement
Broken screen hinges and plastic covers replacement
Interface ports physical damage (USB, PCMCIA, NIC, Card reader slots, Headphone / Microphone jacks)
System hung up or frozen or blue screen (BSOD)
Upgrading or Downgrading operating systems
Wireless Internet connection problems
Data backup and recovery (Deleted Data or Virus Infected)
System running slowly
Virus removal
Cabling and Router Setup.
Wifi Router Setup, Installation & Management.
We Are
Competent Experience Team
Complex Maintenance of Personal Computer & Laptop.
Same Day Response Same Day Solution*
Cost Efficient Services.

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