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TRUST Paydocs HR, Payroll, WPS and Attendance Software

TRUST Paydocs HR, Payroll, WPS and Attendance Software

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Location: Dubai, UAE
Posted on: 27 Oct 2015


TRUST PayDocs is a comprehensive Employee Management, Document Handling, Attendance, Payroll and WPS Software, is ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for advanced capabilities and HR integration. It’s simple and powerful time attendance and payroll processing module helps to control costs incurred on wastage of man hours due to costly manual attendance and payroll processing.
PayDocs integrated with a biometrics time attendance machine, offers most cost-effective way to eliminate costly manual processes in managing employee personal/documents details, expiry alerts of all the documents, attendance, leaves, overtime calculation, monthly salary processing, loans etc.
PayDocs’ easy to use and user friendly interface modules means you can start saving time and money instantly by improving the accuracy of documents details, alerts, timesheets, simplified payroll process, and increased employee productivity.
Employee Management
Passport / Visa / Work Permit / Health Card Management
Vehicle / Trade License / Tenancy Document Handling
Document Alerts Management
Expense Management
Leave Management
Payroll & Loan Management
Final Settlement & Gratuity Processing
Wage Protection System (WPS) Support
Automated Attendance Management With Biometric Device Support
Overtime Management
Project Expense Management (Specially for Project Management, Construction & Contracting Companies to manage project’s expenses)
User Credential & Rights Management
TRUST PayDocs - Employee Management & Payroll Software facilitates data transportation and exchange through multiple channels by online and offline methods

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